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Uncharted Depths

Your Source for Healing,
Empowerment & Personal Growth


Hi, my name is Tess.

As a Somatic and Developmental Trauma Practitioner, I am driven by my unwavering commitment to supporting individuals on their path to healing, growth, and transformation.  With over a decade of dedicated trauma healing and a diverse background in education and training, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the field of healing. This unique amalgamation of knowledge and skills equips me with the ability to compassionately guide others through their own healing processes. Specializing in identity work, belief work, shadow work, childhood trauma, and addiction recovery, I bring a comprehensive approach to fostering lasting change. I firmly believe that every person possesses an innate capacity for healing if they have the right tools. It is my heartfelt aspiration to share these life changing tools with you, empowering you to unlock your true potential and thrive in all aspects of life.

Lets talk about YOU


Do you struggle with....

  • anxiety, stress, depression or overwhelm

  • a deep emptiness that cant be filled

  • people pleasing/ being overly agreeable 

  • feeling like what you do is never enough/feeling inadequate

  • self sabotage /procrastination

  • setting healthy boundaries with others 

  • speaking up for yourself and asking for what you want

  • a deep fear of being alone

  • being easily distracted by social media, negative thinking or bad habits

  • addictions to alcohol, smoking, substances, emotional eating

  • the pressure to be perfect

  • fear of standing out or being recognized 

  • taking care of everyone else around you and putting yourself last in relationships

  • relationship issues that keep repeating

  • difficult or traumatic events from childhood or the past that you just cant seem to move on from

  • sexual abuse in childhood 

  • loss or death of a loved one

  • a loved one who has committed suicide

  • feeling angry or resentful 

  • feeling lost in life with no purpose

If you answered "yes" to any of these you are in the right place....​

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"There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."


Work With Me

Tess McMechan

"Our pain is not there for us to suffer, it is there to show us the parts within ourselves that need our attention, so we can stop repeating cycles and heal." - Tess McMechan

I specialize in guiding and empowering individuals to break free from the cycles that keep them stuck and small. My mission is to help my clients transcend the limitations and beliefs that have confined them, allowing them to step into their true power.


Together, we embark on a profound journey of self-exploration, delving into the depths of your unconscious mind, where hidden aspects of yourself have held you captive in a state of powerlessness for far too long.

Your hidden or unconscious parts are what keep you disconnected from yourself and stuck in the same perpetuating stories and cycles.

The stories that you tell yourself influence your choices, your relationships, your direction, your joy and happiness.


By understanding and integrating your trauma and unconscious parts, you make a choice to heal, break free from destructive cycles, and rewrite your story.

A direct path towards uncovering and understanding ourselves lies in listening to and paying attention to our pain. We can choose to view our pain negatively, seeing it as a curse, or we can recognize it as a flag or road map to something underneath that is demanding our attention.


Working with me will enable you to develop a new perspective, one that allows you to see that everything, including your pain, is happening for you, and is not against you. This shift in perspective is a shift in consciousness and is a fundamental part for breaking cycles and stepping into your true empowered self.

Life truly begins when you can start living from a place of authenticity and are able to let go of limiting beliefs that you once allowed to define you. 


 By doing so, you can become a fully integrated, authentic, resilient, healthy, and happy human being. 


This work is deep, so be prepared to go deep. 


I am sincerely committed to your healing and helping you to unlock the freedom that resides within you.

Together, we will venture on a journey towards your most empowered self, allowing you to live a life of true fulfillment and purpose.

With Love,




My experience with Tess Mcmechan was profound. She is truly extraordinary in what she does. I connected with her after watching her YouTube channel. She was professional from the moment she replied. I felt she really listened to me and my needs, covering everything I had asked for in just one session. She knew exactly what questions to ask to get instant results and she did it in a very calm, compassionate and caring way. Cannot recommend her highly enough.

Trish Ivey - Business Owner
Brisbane, Australia

I am so grateful for my sessions with Tess. The compassionate space she holds allowed me to get honest and real with her very quickly. She is an old soul channeling deep wisdom. She guides a unique experience to places within myself I wasn't aware needed healing. I also appreciate how she leaves me with an intentional positive direction to move forward. I highly recommend her offerings.

Juliana Lavell -Yoga Instructor 
Kelowna, Canada

"When the student is ready, the teacher appears !!"  My quest for knowing and understanding myself led me to Tess....She is the most generous and kind soul I have ever known, whose soul mission is to help people break free from the shackles of their past, and empower them to live their most authentic lives....Her calm and soothing voice, her compassionate and non judgmental approach help provide a safe place for uncovering and accepting our deepest needs and beliefs.....Words can't express my immense gratitude for her....She is a lighthouse for anyone on the spiritual journey to self !!

Sakshi Chander - Mother
Mumbai, India

I have known Tess for a year now and during that time I have had the pleasure and privilege being a client with her.
Tess is compassionate, understanding, present and connected with her clients. I always felt held, safe and a presence of something much greater at work when in Tess’s company. Tess radiates a healing energy spirit which envelopes you during her therapy sessions. I recommend Tess to anyone who is deeply interested in wanting transformation and deep changes in their life. Tess has the learnt skills and the rare gift of healing which is an added bonus.

Kate Carlin - Health Care
Brisbane, Australia

It is difficult to find the words for the place that Tess will always hold in my heart through the spiritual connection we were able to cultivate in our sessions.  Sometimes it can be difficult for a man to be vulnerable, but Tess has such a kind and open spirit that leads one to open to her with a feeling of love and safety.  She was able to help me connect to parts of my wounded inner self that needed love and compassion to heal.  At times tears flowed down my cheeks like rivers flowing into an ocean of love and new beginnings.  Tess is very open about her own past traumas and her extensive path to healing.  This gives her an amazing ability to walk you through your past and heal what is buried deep within the subconscious.  Albert Einstein said it best when he stated "The only source of knowledge is experience."  I am forever grateful for her beautiful soul and I will continue to reach out to her as I continue my journey through this wonderful gift of life.  In all of my years of therapy, I have never experienced the healing I have with Tess.  Many blessings to her and anyone who decides to make the decision to heal what holds them back from their true authentic self!

Brian Smithers - Trauma Healing Practitioner
Philadelphia, United States

During my session with Tess, I felt really excited that we were going to dive into a very specific experience that I felt triggered by. It amazed me how much information was in that one incident and how it correlated with my childhood and my life. It was empowering to learn about my patterns and how I react and connect it to specific memories and trauma from childhood. I felt relieved to be seen and held in what felt like a really scary moment triggering my abandonment wounds. I felt a sense of relief and Tess made me feel totally normal which was a weight off my heart. It was so supportive to be guided in this vulnerable part of me. I felt accepted and loved.

Tarea Elixir - Sexual Healing Coach
Victoria, Canada

I connected with Tess after going through a very transformative year. I felt that her holistic approach was exactly what I have been searching for. During and after our sessions I feel a sense of clarity and deep connection to myself. Tess has a way of creating trust and a level of comfort during such a vulnerable experience as delving into my pain and other emotions that have become thematic in my life. The work she does can best be described as compassionate healing. I am very grateful for her work and continue to look forward to our sessions.

Katherine WIlson - Musician
Toronto, Canada

I had the pleasure of doing private counseling sessions with Tess and they have helped me very much. She has helped guide me through some of the difficult emotions that I had been carrying for a long time, and helped awaken an awareness of early childhood events that I had not yet processed in my adult life. Through this I was able to let go of stresses that I was unconscious of and move forward feeling lighter and happier. I felt very supported and felt that  Tess could relate to how I was feeling on a deep level. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking personal healing on a psychological, emotional and spiritual level.

Amber Peters - Environmental Engineer
Kootenays, Canada

The session that Tess gave me is potentially life saving.  Her guidance into the dark, uncomfortable spaces is lifesaving. 

I think that my Mom would have had a better chance of surviving if she had found and seen Tess years ago. My Mom didn’t want to go there.  Someone like Tess, who’s gentle and extremely intuitive and empathic, could have gracefully guided her.
Maybe she did see someone similar and maybe the spaces were just too dark and scary for her to reach. 

I hope Tess keeps offering her gifts and continues to study, I know she will.

Kendra McFarland - Business Owner
Kelowna, Canada

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To work with me, I require a Discovery Session together before a full 75 minute session or package is purchased. This is so I can get to know you, understand what you are looking for and how I can support you best. I look forward to meeting you.

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"When patterns & cycles are broken, new worlds unfold & materialize."

-Tess McMechan

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