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My Story

Tess McMechan

I grew up in Vernon, British Columbia with my Mother, Father and Brother. I was often reserved and shy when interacting with the outside world, but deep inside, I harbored an insatiable curiosity about life's mysteries. Even at a tender age, I began pondering the purpose of our existence and why we were here. At the age of 7, I started noticing a peculiar phenomenon within myself - I felt inferior around some people and like my true self around others. This contrast puzzled me greatly, and I yearned to understand why certain people triggered feelings of insecurity in me. Of course I didn't know what insecurity was on a intellectual level, I just knew that I felt less than others at times. However, despite my earnest questioning, I found no one who could provide a satisfying answer to this perplexing aspect of my life. No one was ever able to answer this burning question for me, and I felt very much alone and confused.


Later in life, I eventually unraveled the truth behind my inner struggle. I came to realize that a traumatic event I experienced at the tender age of 3 had shaped a limiting core belief within me. This belief system ingrained the notion that I was somehow not good enough, and its effects manifested particularly around authority figures and certain individuals. Consequently, I found myself divided into two distinct parts: the authentic me and the version that felt inadequate in comparison to others. This internal conflict proved highly bewildering, as all I yearned for was to be my genuine self without reservation. This confusion led to loneliness and it quickly turned into spiritual seeking.


My mother was a huge teacher for me, she is a Vedic Astrologer and I grew up learning about the Veda's, Buddhism and Hinduism through her. I was naturally drawn to these cultures and their spiritual teachings. In my early twenties I went on multiple backpack trips for months at a time to South East Asia, including India. I was looking for answers. I felt free there but when I returned home, the deep confusion and void I had always felt submerged once again.

Because I had this craving for truth and wisdom, societies expectations and school system did not align with quenching my thirst but only drew me farther away from what my heart desired. I became resistant to the way the world worked and didn't quite fit in. Although it may have looked like I fit in on the outside, I felt very much like an alien on the inside. This led me to many dysfunctional coping mechanisms such as substance abuse. This slowly drew me even further away from my authenticity, until I didn't like who I was or know who I was anymore. Spirituality took a backseat as I sought to escape the harsh realities of life, grappling with anger, sadness, and immense pain. Throughout my 20's, I endured many traumatic experiences due to the relationships I chose and the decisions I made. This tumultuous journey resulted in a significant decline in my self-esteem and sense of self, leaving me feeling utterly lost.

 In 2010, I contracted a staph infection after endometriosis surgery, resulting in sepsis. I was placed in a coma, with a mere 5% chance of survival. During this critical period, I had a profound near-death experience that completely transformed my outlook on life and death.

After emerging from the coma, my recovery was arduous and chaotic, but I firmly believe that almost dying was the best thing that ever occurred to me. It took time, but the experience sparked a profound spiritual awakening, shifting my perspective and opening my heart to newfound expansiveness. I learned to differentiate between the ego self, which causes suffering, and the true authentic self that lies beneath it all.

During my recovery, a master teacher crossed my path, and I spent many hours daily with her. She introduced me to self inquiry and shadow work. Through this process, I learned to uncover my hidden aspects and face my pain. The question that puzzled me at 7 was finally answered: everyone has fragmented aspects that mask their true selves. I discovered how to use pain as a catalyst for transformation and nurture my heart center, leading me on a journey back to my authentic self.

As I progressed on my path, I felt myself moving towards liberation, shedding layers of defenses and barriers I had built to navigate life. Training under my teacher for over three years, I grew softer, releasing the walls I had erected for survival. My heart had opened, and I experienced profound healing. Eventually, I reached a point where I felt empowered to continue the journey on my own, as I had come a long way and no longer relied on her guidance.

A newfound zest and joy for life engulfed me, a feeling I had never encountered before. Filled with curiosity and eagerness, I embraced continuous self-discovery and healing. As a result, many of my friendships and relationships ended and changed, and I moved to a new city. My entire life underwent a significant shift, shaped by this transformative journey.


Fueled by my own life-changing experiences, I felt a deep calling to share the tools of transformation and healing with others. Recognizing that my past pain stemmed from being disconnected from my true self.  Witnessing countless individuals in pain, I yearned to impart this valuable knowledge and bring hope and healing to those in need.

Discovering my purpose, I developed a strong passion for guiding others on their healing journeys. Pursuing this calling, I returned to school, earning a diploma in social work. For nearly seven years now, I've specialized in addictions and mental health, but my true passion lies in helping individuals reconnect with their authenticity and empowerment by addressing their trauma and pain.

Dedicated to my personal growth, I have taken multiple courses to deepen my awareness and therapeutic expertise. A significant achievement was completing a one-year program with Dr. Gabor Mate in Compassionate Inquiry, which delves into childhood trauma to uncover core belief systems and foster healing. I also received training from renowned teachers Edward Mannixx in Compassion Key and Todd Ritchie, an addictions specialist, further enhancing my skills. These valuable experiences have empowered me to better support others on their healing journeys.

Although my education and training has situated me with qualifications,  it is my life experience that has gifted me the ability to be present, empathetically attuned and compassionate with you. I am able to hold space for everyone and anyone, from all walks of life, with a non judgmental nature and open heart. 


Just as I've invested in my own training and healing, I'm genuinely interested in investing in your healing journey. I believe that when we reconnect with our authenticity, that's when life truly begins to blossom. Together, we can embark on a transformative path to discover your true self and embrace a more fulfilling life.

When we heal ourselves, we heal the collective. When we heal the collective, we can heal the world. 

With Love and Gratitude,


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