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How to Become Friends With Your Shadow

Your shadow lurks behind the curtains and can feel SCARY to face and look at.

Your shadow is the unconscious parts or demons within yourself, that you ignore and pretend are not there.

Some of your shadows are hidden very well and you may not even be aware that they live under your bed or are lurking in your closet.

Our shadow aspects are the parts of us that we have repressed, denied and shamed due to trauma and until we face them they will RULE every aspect of our lives.

Our shadows keep us stagnant in complacency and in a perpetuating state of sleepiness that keeps us stuck and spinning in mediocrity.

So why don't more people face these shadows? Why is it so scary to face the monster under our bed?

Because those shadows appear to be a lot bigger and scarier then they actually are, and it can seem easier to ignore them and pretend they aren't there. But the truth is, its actually harder to keep ignoring them.

Just like when you were a child, hiding under your covers, wishing and hoping the monster under your bed or in your closet would finally go away.

You can keep hiding and denying but that is actually the enemy to your freedom..... If you want to be free, you must stop denying what has always been there and will always be there until you FACE IT.

I LOVE Shadow Work.

I have been actively doing Shadow Work for over 12 years now and I had an amazing master teacher who taught me all of the tricks of the trade. I obsessively AND successfully did deep self inquiry & shadow work on myself for 5 years straight, slaying monster's and demons like I was a bad ass warrior.

It was so freeing and that's why I became obsessed with doing it.

In truth, I was obsessed with my freedom and would stop at nothing to let go of the years of crap that I had been carrying around with me, and that were ultimately blocking me from my FREEDOM.

I still tend to my shadow but in a much less fanatical way..... I have cleared many of my demons and from time to time, I have to do a house cleaning but its no big deal.

Once you learn the ways of the shadow, you get excited to slay them and you end up loving them, not hiding from them. You know they are actually your friends and the path to your freedom.

Shadow work & self inquiry, in my eyes, is one of the greatest paths to shedding the very large amount of baggage, trauma and pain that so many people carry with them.

You don't have to carry that stuff with you, didn't you know?

Below is a free video that I made awhile back, that is 4 basic and foundational steps on "How to do Shadow Work for beginners", which you can start right away.

Remember those monsters are not going to go away until you face them. Once you know how to do Shadow Work you will have those tools with you for the rest of your life.

In my eyes, it is one of the most valuable tools you could ever learn in your lifetime.

With Love,


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