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How Almost Dying Saved My Life

Hi beautiful soul, Did you know that In 2010, I had a medical emergency, was induced into a coma and was put on life support? I only had a 5% chance of survival. This brush with death changed me forever and actually saved my life. You are probabaly asking yourself how nearly dying could save my life, as that is a huge paradox! Keep reading, I am about to tell you. After spending over a month in the hospital, I had one full year of healing, which meant sitting at home and resting. I had ALOT of time to ponder and figure out why this had happened and what life was trying to show me. My near death experience made me realize that I had been living on auto pilot most of my adult life, was completely disconnected from myself and had no idea what I was doing up until that point.

And..... if I hadn't almost died, I may still be living in that space which is not actually living at all. I recognized that I was very open as a child and early teens, so what happened? Why didn't I stay open and happy? I realized that I had too many harsh and traumatic situations happen by the time I was 19, so I had begun to shut myself down to protect myself from the world. By the time I was 28, I was bitter, jaded and miserable. It literally took nearly dying to wake me up from this auto pilot state of misery! I was not living in my potential and was just going through the motions.... and that is what I call "the auto pilot state". Life shows up to us day in and day out, but do you show up to life in your full capacity? Is it a reciprocal relationship? Or are you in a battle with life?

If we are not paying attention, and we are just idling through life unconsciously, life will throw us curve balls to get our attention. A lot of times it takes some really intense things to happen to wake us up out of our sleep. You don't have to be someone who almost dies to wake up out of your slumber. You don't have to hit rock bottom to hear the call. Although, some people myself. You may feel this calling in the center of your being, in the resonance of my words, or the winds of change that are blowing in your direction, which you can no longer ignore. My near death experience led me to many new births in my life and these propelled me forward into my mission and purpose in life, which is to walk alongside people while they wake up to who they truly are. Many people have forgotten who they are, and I am that alarm clock and bell here to remind you that there is so much more to you then you have been taught. You are way more powerful then you can imagine! You didn't come here to just work the 9-5 everyday, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Absolutely not, you came here to be so much more! I wish everyone knew the magic that awaits them through choosing to go on a journey of self discovery and self love. Just as there is a whole world out there to explore, there is also an infinite world to discover and explore within yourself. But you can't get there unless you choose to.... If you are someone who hears this call, even it is a light whisper, my hope for you is that you pay attention to the signs and answer that call. In my experience, if we ignore those whispers, life will eventually scream at us until we finally get it. Anything that we denie will come back around again and again, and it will get louder, as we can only ignore things for so long. What we resist persists.

With Love,


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