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What disconnects us from our authentic selves?

So many people have been asking me lately, what it means to be disconnected from your authenticity?

Trauma and difficult situations in childhood disconnects us from our authenticity.

Children do not have the proper tools to cope with difficult situations and will always turn the situation around on themselves.

For example, if a child is bullied at school and it is not addressed, the child will create belief systems that they are not good enough or that there must be something wrong with them.

If the child is not held properly in this and nurtured through this difficult and traumatic time, the child can take these beliefs with them and carry them into adulthood. Limiting core belief's like, "I am not good enough", become who they think they are, seeing their authenticity as unworthy. So, this is where the disconnection from the authentic self


If you were taught that your feelings shouldn't be expressed in your family (which is more common then you would think), then you may have suppressed your needs and feelings down to be accepted in your family.

When a child is modelled by their parents that their feelings are not acceptable, they will create beliefs that it is not safe for them to be authentic or to be themselves and that they must hide how they really feel. This is the beginning of the disconnection from the authentic self.

And then there is the teen years and adulthood, being conditioned by the "social norms".

We have many structures in place in society that are based in rules, regulations and expectations. If your authenticity does not fit into those structures, then what do you think happens? People suppress their authenticity to be accepted and approved of.

Our society is driven by consumerism and this undoubtedly effect's people's self esteem and the way they think they "should" be.

For example, many people go into massive debt and are struggling to pay their bills because they feel the pressure to live outside of their means, buying the big house, the car and keeping up the with Joneses. We are given so many messages in the western world that if you aren't living lavish, you are not worthy or successful.

Many people are caught in the trap of chasing "The American Dream", believing that one day they will be happy.

No other time in history, more then now, has been so focused on the material and consumerism. And no other time in history, more then now, has there been so many people struggling with depression, anxiety, stress disorders, mental health issues, suicide, addiction and drug overdoses.

People are struggling to keep up in this world and putting more and more on their plate. They are disconnected from their authenticity, always trying to "be better, and go bigger".

It is not bad to have material things and make money, but when we are compromising our health and wellbeing then we are disconnected from our true needs. Your true needs desire peace of mind, a healthy body and time to enjoy your life.

Why are you ignoring your true needs? Because you most likely created the belief when you were a child, that your needs don't matter and you have been ignoring them ever since...

Your needs MATTER!

Your authenticity is who you are at the core, it is beyond what you do, how much money you make, where you live and so on.

But because of this drive to "be better" and/or beliefs that you are "not enough", authenticity takes a back seat and is left behind in the dust....

I recently made a short YouTube video that goes into much more detail on this subject. It is free to watch and there are no strings attached.... it is made for you and anyone else who wants to do things differently, because there is another way...

I used to be caught up in this trap of inadequacy and chasing things, believing that ONE DAY I would be happy.... but that just kept me small and disconnected from myself.

I found a new way, a better way and I am at peace within and HAPPY. This is what I share with my clients, and they are seeing BIG results, really FAST.

Everyone deserves to reconnect with their authenticity and freedom. It is your birth right.

Ask yourself... "what needs am I ignoring"?

This is a great question to ask yourself to start this process on your own.

With Love,


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