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Wild Women

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

If you judge or are intimated by Wild Women it is because you are still not FREE within yourself.

The Wild Women holds a mirror for you to see where you are not Free.

The Wild Women does not adhere to labels or constructs from society that are unfairly placed onto women and what they “should” be.

The Wild Women walks her path fiercely and is not afraid of the fire. In fact, she is friends with the fire and encourages it to burn away all the illusions and everything that she is not.

The Wild Women speaks her voice and her truth without fear of what others may think. Truth is her light house and she will always follow its luminosity. And even in times when there is no light and only darkness, she has an undeniable inner guidance and intuition that will lead her the way.

The Wild Women is anything but ordinary and ppl may not understand her. She walks to the beat of her own drum and holds reverence for everyone’s journey.

She is an invitation for you to claim your Wild Nature within. For the Wild is within you and your birth right.

Strip off the conditionings from society and see what is hidden deep underneath.


I used to express my wildness in unhealthy ways. At that time I did not know how to truly connect with my freedom and wild nature. And the way I expressed it was misplaced.

When I let go of the substances, toxic relationships and stepped into the fire of self discovery, I began to claim my Wild Nature in the most natural way. I didn’t need adrenaline or Wild experiences anymore to get in touch with that place. I realized that my freedom wasn’t on the outside but within me.

I let go of societal pressures and labels and I live a very unconventional life. This is apart of my truth, this is apart of my Wild Nature. Society tells you who you should be and that kept me in a cage for many years. Letting go of the “should be’s”, the ridiculous expectations of perfectionism that every women faces, and letting go of all the falseness that never served me. EXHALE~ yes ladies, you can stop holding your breath!

Everyone has the chance to step out of the cage and into the Wildness and Freedom of their truth.


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