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Healing Yourself and Your Lineage

There is so much going on in the world right now, it can feel like we are getting hit at every angle. Not only are we experiencing difficulties on a collective level but also on a personal level.

The triggers that many people are experiencing, fear, sadness, anger, powerlessness, rage and so on, are inviting us to go deep within.

Our triggers can be so frequent and so overwhelming that it can feel as though we are regressing, but we are not regressing. These intense triggers are coming up to heal the many layers within.

We are healing our ancestral wounds. We are healing the collective and we are doing it at an accelerated rate.

If we can change our perspective from judgement of our triggers to gratefulness for them, then we can really learn from them and grow.

This can allow us to step into our empowerment, no matter what shows up within us and outside of us.

My motto is compassion, compassion for self and compassion for the other. We need this more than ever in these times.

We are all here for a reason, every single person on this planet has a role in this time. It’s no mistake that you are here.

Remember that your ancestors have your back and walk like you have thousands of them behind you. They are cheering you on and protecting you.

With Love,


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